Superimpose of sequence during lunar eclipse at my neighborhood. This multiple moon shots were first fired at 1:20am and continued until full eclipse at about 3:20am. Then, the blood moon was visible.

I photographed the moon individually using my Fujifilm X-E3 mirrorless camera attached to fujinon 55-200mm with 2x converter. Exposure were so much varies from full moon to full eclipse. Once the eclipse started, exposures were reducing.

Using spot metering on full moon is a good reference to get exposure. My exposure for this full moon shot was 1/500s at aperture f8 on ISO800. As earth shadow eroded further covering into moon, the moon was getting lowly illuminated. I checked exposure regularly and keep changing the exposure setting. For the blood moon image, I need to crank up the ISO as high as ISO6400 and shutter speed as low as 2 second. The sky was not that clear that night add further to the slow exposures.

I used fujifilm remote control apps to trigger my Fujifilm X-E3 to reduce camera vibration. additionally, i used electronic shutter to get rid of shutter vibration.

Each individual moon photos were latter superimposed to a landscape photo that was taken before dawn from the place where I shoot the eclipse with a 9mm wide angle lens.

Thanks to Sky Guide apps cause I could plan my shooting. The apps provide quite accurate timing of the eclipse and position of moon in the sky. Therefore, I planned ahead and had enough sleep before the historic moment. I woke up at 1:00am. I didn’t go far, it was just somewhere near my home around the neighbourhood. I put-up a tent so I can place my camera stuff, chips and drinks. At the same time I could perform sunnah prayer for lunar eclipse inside the tent.

This time, the full eclipse was the longest. It’s started from 3:20am till almost dawn. I waited till 5:00am, but moon still was not yet out from earth shadow. Then, the sky getting very cloudy and I couldn’t locate the lowly illuminated moon. I packed by stuff and heading home.

This is my first time ever waiting the moment almost till the end. the Long waiting proof to be fruitful. Alhamdulillah.

“Beautifully by the Creator….. say SUBHANALLAH”