What a lovely wife… asked me what do I want for my birthday?

How about a lens? “Sure you can hubby”. Wow great! Here you go……. What I’m looking is decent portrait lens. My aim is to own a Fuji 90mm f2 portrait lens. Hmmm, I’m not a portrait shooter. I may feel guilty, spending a lot of money on a lens that I may under utilised. Just a waste of money. After give some tought, I just want to settle with Samyang 85mm f1.4 manual focus lens. Affordable and value for money. I believe my wife shouldn’t have a problem to come up with such a budget range. She even ask why I don’t get a Fuji lens. I was…. ARE YOU SERIOUS???

My lovely wife. Shot with the lens.. Viltrox 85mm f 1.8, wide open.

I ordered and paid online the Samyang from a local seller through Lazada. I DM the seller to ask whether they can send the lens via express courrier? But unfortunately, they replied. We have run out of stock for this lens. WHAT??? In Lazada system showed that you still have the stock! I will not buy again from this kind of seller, who never update the stock availability in the system

Upon further search I stumble on news on this new lens for fujifilm, VILTROX 85mm f1.8 AF STM. What? autofocus lens for fuji mount? The lens is not available locally yet. I source the lens from ebay. The lens come from its origin country, China.