FUJIFILM X-T1|55-200MM|ISO400|1/250sec|f8

Azmanshah is a self-taught photography enthusiast based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Azmanshah had won several local photography awards. Although he is just a photography hobbyist, he had been commissioned by several book publishers, production house, State Tourism Authority and photography agency for photography work.
Azmanshah can be contact via email at azmanshahali@gmail.com

Above photo was taken in Mount Bromo, Indonesia. I asked this transporter to pose for me by riding his horse along the road. I paid this man equivalent to USD 5. He was so joy saying this is good as a day pay for him.

Life is A Journey….
Di kiri dan kanan pasti ada kegelapan dan jurang-jurang….
Jalan yang berliku, hanya satu jalan yang terang ke destinasi…
Hanya ada satu jalan yang benar….

Tunjukilah Kami Jalan Yang Lurus

“Beautifully by the Creator….. say SUBHANALLAH”