FUJIFILM X-E3|9MM|ISO250|1/125|F8

When shooting against the sun, the exposure is a bit tricky. If you shoot a photo to get properly exposed background and beautiful cloud, your subject or the people you shoot will be dark or under exposed. Using flash will help to light up your subject.

I used 2 Godox speedlite TT350 and TT685.
I was trying out the features of this Godox speedlite. Both flash provide 2.4GHz X System Radio Master and Slave modes.The Radio Master mode can fire and control the complete Godox 2.4GHz Flash System.

Whenever I plan a photoshoot with my wife, I will bring 2 tripods. 1 for camera and the other to place off camera speedlite.

To enhance futher the background, I used HDR technigue to get a well balance over all exposure. Right after taking photo of me and my wife, while the camera was still on the tripod, I took 9 images to do the HDR technique. I utilised in camera auto bracketing. Fuji X-E3 is capable to take up to 9 exposure bracketing. All these 9 photos were merged together using Affiinity Photo for iPad apps. The merged images than was edited using the same apps to get a well balance exposure. This image later was blended togther with photo of me and my wife.

Thanks to my wife who always patient waiting for me take much time setting the tripods, camera and flashes.