Rather than going to photo studio shop to pay for a passport size photos, I DIY. I shoot and print at home. I have a decent size family hall which can fit full size background paper(thanks to my lovely wife(my model too) who allow and support the idea of me to have my dream home studio). But for this shoot, i did not use any backdrop, it’s just the hall wall.

I used 2 GODOX umbrella softbox and 2 GODOX speedlight TT685. No power cord needed. Totally wireless/cordless system. I tried several lighting position. Finally, decided to use butterfly or also called beauty light setup for the portrait head shot. Butterfly lighting is one of the oldest techniques for lighting a subject. Named for the butterfly-shaped shadow that forms underneath the subject’s nose, this setup is a proven method to ensure your subject is well-lit in a pleasing manner.

I love the features of this Godox speedlight. GODOX flash provide 2.4GHz X System Radio Master and Slave modes.The Radio Master mode can fire and control the complete Godox 2.4GHz Flash System. I have GODOX TT350 on my camera as a master flash to trigger both TT685. The TT685 were set as slave at a different Group, Group A and Group B. With different group I can control the flash power indipendently via the on-camera flash, TT350.

Butterfly’ style lighting setup
Produce nice soft light